Guatemala Mission Application

Want to go to Guatemala with us?

Just like our previous trips, our July 2016 mission trip to Guatemala was amazing! God never ceases to amaze us. With each trip, we learn something new from Him about ourselves, and the wonderful people of Guatemala.

If you are interested in joining our mission team for this year’s trip to Guatemala to help us build houses for the poor in the rural countryside, this is a short tutorial on how to send in your application. Just follow these simple instructions, and your application will reach its proper place. Thank you for your interest, we really appreciate it.

Step 1)

First, you will have to navigate to the Managed Missions Pre-Application website.

All you need to do is click the huge button to the right and it will open up a new tab, allowing you to stay on our site to follow the instructions.

Step 2)

If you’ve already been on a mission trip with us, you will have already created an account. This is where you put your login information and continue on to complete your application.

If you have forgotten your login information, there’s an option that addresses that.

If you have never been on a mission trip with us, then choose the option circled to the right.

Step 3)

Once you click on the option that states you do not have a login, you will see the following screen pop up.

It is very important that you put in a valid email, as this will be used to create your account, and will also be your new login.

Once you enter this email address, you will be redirected to a page where you will set up your initial account, your password, and other information.

Step 4)

Once you click the previous screen, you will be presented with this login screen.

Here is where you will put your email address in and the password you set up on the website.

If your computer or mobile device does not save login information, please record this information somewhere you will be able to access it again.

Things you will need in order to complete your application

The application is quite thorough, so be prepared to answer detailed questions about various aspects of your previous experiences with the church and ministry in general. Don’t worry, they are nothing out of the ordinary.

You will need to have your passport information handy, though, as you will need to record the information contained on it.

Also, if you are taking any medication, you’ll need the name(s) and conditions they are prescribed for. Understand that you will be going into a foreign country, and this information is required.

Thank you for considering being part of our Guatemala Ministry Team!