Being Active Learning Lessons (B.A.L.L.)


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B.A.L.L. is a non-profit global outreach ministry.

We meet every Saturday 1-4pm.
1706 Washington Rd. // East Point, GA

OUR MINISTRY | our mission
We exist to draw all to Christ and fortify the communities we
serve by giving youth hope, safety and above all else,
salvation. We accomplish our mission using the ministry of
being active, mentoring youth and young adults through the
fellowship of believers.
OUR MINISTRY | our vision
We believe that we can empower people and in turn change a nation
through Christ, unity, fellowship and being active in our communities.

This is what people are saying about B.A.L.L.

BALL ministries has impacted me in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. At first I was going to play ball but after interacting with everyone it made me enjoy it even more. A few people that I did not know, introduced themselves, made me feel welcome, and talked to me as if we have been friends for years.. But the main key was listening to Kris minister, I always feel like he is talking directly to me lol. I must say BALLministries has had a great impact on me.Sam
BALL ministries is a very great and positive place to go and have fun, exercise, enjoy yourself, and get the Word at the same time. Kris is a very gifted minister, and knows how to teach the Word in such a way to apply it to your everyday life. I see that he really cares about his community and wants God to use him as an instrument to help change it for the better. Also, he understands what the community needs because he grew up in the same environment he’s trying to help people out of. If you haven’t attended BALL ministries, you should check it out. It’s very organized, and a great atmosphere.Ricky
Coming to these events are great. I come as often as possible. It reconnects me with peers from my youth and then we get a good word to help guide us all. I try to bring more people each time I come. I believe it really leaves a positive impact on the city for us to have fun together, receive the word together, and gain new respect for those around us. Hats off to the event and many thanks to Kris for having a vision and working to make it a reality.Triston